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I work with you as a couple to create a ceremony that mirrors and celebrates who you are as individuals and as a couple and recognises the growth and wisdom you have made and gained and your commitment to the future direction of the relationship.

Carina & Michael Renewal of Vows Elephant Rock Currumbin Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Carina + Michael Renewal of Vows 10th Wedding Anniversary Elephant Rock Currumbin
Hi Marilyn, Michael and I would love to say a huge thank you for making our Vow Renewal Ceremony so special, it was perfect. We would highly recommend you to any couples out there looking for a relaxed, personal and loving celebrant. We loved the family unity ceremony as this enabled us to include our son, who felt very special. We also had a handfasting which was done beautifully even though we had a lot of wind to contend with. Michael and I were very happy with our day and now we have some beautiful memories to cherish always thanks to you. Carina & Michael xoxo.

Carina & Michael Renewal of Vows Elephant Rock Currumbin Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Michele + Nigel Mad Hatters Tea Party Renewal of Vows Monterey Keys Gold Coast
On behalf of Nigel and myself, I just wanted to say a very big, and much appreciated, thank you for the wonderful effort you put into making our special night so memorable. When I was looking for a celebrant I noticed in all the photos on Marilyn’s website, she looked so happy to be part of a couple’s very special day. From the moment I met her, I knew Marilyn was the right celebrant for us, as we wanted to celebrate something very unique. As we had already done the traditional wedding thirty years ago, we wanted something completely different……… so we had a Mad Hatters Tea Party. Marilyn pulled out all stops dressing up as the Mad Hatter and writing well scripted vows. As a surprise ceremony to our guests, it was like watching a theatre production.  It turns out, Marilyn has a background in Theatre and she completely made the night. All of our guests commented on how wonderful it was and wanted to know where on Earth we found Marilyn. Some of our guests cut short holidays to come to what they thought was our party but was actually a surprise wedding renewal. They said afterwards they would not have wanted to miss this for anything. She is very funny, sincere, kind and the script showed all of this with some great laughs, but it still had all the traditional love built in. Our only regret was not hiring her husband to take video footage of the night. We cannot thank Marilyn enough for everything she did for us for us in the lead up to and including on the night. We cannot recommend her enough and wish her all the best for her future ceremonies. With warmest regards Michele and Nigel xoxo

Love Letter Sharon + Paul Renewal of Vows 13th Anniversary Kingfisher Manor Sunshine Coast
We renewed our vows at Kingfisher Manor Noosa heads in January 2013. It was Perfect for us among friends we care so much for and Marilyn performed the handfasting ceremony for us. It was such a very special occasion for us and we were so excited to be given the opportunity to declare our undying love for each other after 13 years of marriage. Our renewal was all we ever wanted and more!  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we were so blessed to have Marilyn share our day with us and unite us again in love. Marilyn is such a beautiful, peaceful person so in tuned to our feelings and needs. She selected our vows for us and the words she chose were so touching and memorable. Marilyn is an expert in her profession and she placed such a great deal of importance on tailoring the ceremony so that it expressed exactly how we feel about each other - it was uncanny! We shared a special connection with Marilyn that I am sure we would not have done had someone else performed the ceremony. Thank you Marilyn you will always hold a special place in our hearts. You love your job, you are fantastic at your job and one thing for certain is that you were destined to be a marriage celebrant Thanks once again for such a beautiful ceremony. We will never forget it. Sharon and Paul.

Pina & Marcello Handfasting Renewal of Vows Main Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Pina + Marcello Renewal of Vows 30th Wedding Anniversary Main Beach Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, I would like to thank you very much for an amazing Renewal of vows. It was a very special day for Marcello and I. I surprised my darling husband Marcello with a renewal of our vows ceremony overlooking beautiful golden sands of Main Beach for our 30 year Wedding Anniversary. Marcello had no idea this was going to happen and it was so hard keeping it a secret from him. I told him he was going Sky Diving to put him off the scent. It was hard not to telling him but he loved the surprise renewal of our vows so much it was truly worth it and he was so glad it happened .
Marilyn I can’t begin to thank you enough. We are grateful that you prepared our amazing handfasting ceremony and helped us to organise the details at very short notice from interstate as we come from Victoria. Marcello and I will never forget that day with you and Joan & Frank. Marilyn you were so patient and understanding when we were late. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this for us and making our Renewal of Vows such a highlight for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. I can’t think of a better way to spend it than with you telling our Love Story of how we met and our love our wedding and our life together up until that day. We were so happy that you were our celebrant, we could not have asked for any one better to make this day happen. It brought tears to ours eyes when you read out the secret letter that our children had sent along for you to read at the end of the ceremony. We forgot to bring our camera back at the hotel and you put your time and took such stunning photos with your camera. I loved that we had the handfasting ceremony it was amazing and I'm glad Joan and Frank were there to join in and pass our handfasting cords in the ceremony and our rings. I've never seen a handfasting before and I recommend that to people to do this it’s something I will never forget. At the end of both of our ceremonies both couples had a joint Wine Ceremony and toasted to their past present and future and each other. The ceremony itself was very emotional and Marcello loved the way you prepared it. He was so surprised he had no idea but when he saw you waiting at the beach he knew then it was our renewal of vows. Marcello said, ”Pina I'm so glad you chose Marilyn, it felt like I was getting married for the first time it was so beautiful. The setting was amazing the beach was the best choice and that spot you chose for us at Main Beach was a dream come true. Marilyn thank you again for a very special day, you will always be in our hearts, you are one special lady we will never forget you! So I urge other couples to make sure your Renewal of Vows Ceremony and your day is as perfect as ours, just give Marry Me Marilyn a call and you will never look back! love Pina & Marcello xoxoxo

Love Letter Marilyn + Tony Handfasting Renewal of Vows Main Beach Southport Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, thank you so much.The day was fantastic. We just loved our handfasting ceremony. We had such a great time and a lot of laughs with you and our friends. I just loved the way you encouraged our daughter Hope to read the special poem she had written it was so beautiful. It was great how you involved her in the passing and draping of the handfasting cords. Hope felt totally included in our ceremony which was wonderful as she is the light of our lives! Many thanks again, Marilyn, Tony & Hope xox

Marry Me Marilyn Clare & Jason Renewal of Vows 10th Anniversary on Main Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Clare + Jason Renewal of Vows 10th Anniversary Main Beach Gold Coast
Marilyn you’re AN AMAZING CELEBRANT! Just want to say a massive thank you for doing our Wedding Renewal of Vows! Marilyn took care of everything, despite the time difference between Oz and UK, you made sure everything was taken care of! Marilyn is a truly lovely lady, a Beautiful Ceremony and Handfasting Ceremony.  You made us both feel so comfortable and at ease immediately! Thank you for being part of our beautiful beach ceremony on the Gold Coast. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!  Clare & Jason xxx

Marry Me Marilyn

Love Letter Andy + Rebecca Renewal of Vows Wategos Beach Byron Bay NSW
Marilyn, we would both like to thank you for conducting our renewal vow ceremony.  The format and ideas were exactly what we wanted for our special day.  The way you incorporated our love story was beautiful and we loved the rose ceremony. Thank you for being part of our special ceremony. 

Marry Me Marilyn John & Sally Renewal of Vows 25th Wedding Anniversary Isle of Capri, Gold Coast

Love Letter John + Sally Renewal of Vows 25th Wedding Anniversary Isle of Capri, Gold Coast
Marilyn conducted our 25th anniversary marriage renewal. I wanted it to be a surprise for my wife and I communicated with Marilyn for well over three weeks. Nothing was too much trouble and even a time change the day before was not a problem. On the day, my wife was shocked at what was happening especially when the video cameras came out, but Marilyn spoke with her and she was soon holding my hands. The ceremony was beautiful, the vows great and the life story was beautifully told. Marilyn made sure that our kids were involved in the ceremony and that was really touching for both my wife and I. Marilyn is simply a lovely lady that will do everything possible to make sure your celebration is memorable, enjoyable and a time that you will hold in your hearts for all time. It was certainly the case for my wife and I. Regards John Edwards xoxo

Mark & Emma had a Handfasting Renewal of Vows Surfers Paradise Gold Coast with Marry Me Marilyn

Love Letter Mark + Emma for Handfasting Renewal of Vows Surfers Paradise Gold Coast.
Marilyn, thank you for being part of our special day. Everything was PERFECT!

Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony should be fun, romantic, personal and fresh! It will mirror and celebrate the growth, strengthening and deepening of your love and commitment in your marriage and relationship. Perhaps you didn't have control of your wedding day choices and want to make this ceremony your own. I will help you make your special day everything you dream of!

Love Note Gemma + Marshall Surprise Renewal of Vows 5th Wedding Anniversary Broadbeach
Marilyn is absolutely superb! If you have come across her do not go anywhere else! Her attention to detail, professional and personal approach is outstanding. She married my husband and I back in 2016 then renewed our vows again this year (2021). From the beginning we knew she was 'the one'. She is loving, fresh and funny and still remains a part of our life. Checking in on us and posting memories on her social media. When you look back on pictures of your perfect day, make sure Marilyn is there! Love Gemma & Marshall xoxo

Joan & Frank Renewal of Vows Main Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Joan + Frank Renewal of Vows 25th Wedding Anniversary Main Beach Gold Coast
Frank and I would like to thank you Marilyn for helping us renew our wedding vows it was the best day ever! My husband Frank didn’t know that I was surprising him with renewing our wedding vows. As we live in Melbourne and we went to Queensland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary so he had no idea this was happening. I had no idea how to plan or go about organising a Renewal of Vows Ceremony for us and what the best thing to do was. That was when I got in contact with Marry Me Marilyn. Marilyn gave me some great advice on how to plan our Renewal of Vows Ceremony without him knowing what was going on. Thanks to Marilyn's advice it was a magical day. On the day I gave Frank a card which said to meet me at Main Beach on the Gold Coast which Marilyn had picked for us as a great location. So when Frank arrived Marilyn was there to greet him and she was wonderful because he was a little late and she was so understanding and introduced herself to him making a few jokes to relax the moment saying " isn't the bride meant to be late" this added some humour to the situation because Frank was shy at this time. That's when Frank realized what was going on and he felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. Then I walked onto the deck at the beach, Marilyn made the ceremony look and feel very romantic, with a white table cloth with shells on the table. We also had on the table 2 coloured ribbons, this was because we chose the Hand Fasting ceremony. This is a ceremony that she recommended to us as something different and original. It was a wonderful idea we really loved it. I would suggest this hand fasting ceremony to anyone wanting to renew their vows. With Frank and I also renewing their vows was my sister Pina and her husband Marcello. Our Boys were unable to be there, but still Marilyn found a way to include them, by getting them to write a letter to us that we were not allowed to read until we were finished exchanging vows on the beach. Marilyn read this letter out to Frank and I, We were so overwhelmed, for what she had organised for us. Marilyn included Pina and Marcello in our ceremony passing the handfasting cords and rings and we did the same for their ceremony. This made the ceremony even more special and intimate. When we were saying our vows we were overlooking the ocean, this spectacular view seemed to frame our love forever in that moment. Marilyn was so helpful on the day, we had forgotten our camera, so she took all the memorable moments for us, which we are so grateful for. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed every minute of it, and we will never forget it. We would like to thank you Marilyn for making all this happen for us in such a spectacular way. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marry Me Marilyn to anyone wanting to renew their vows because she is an amazing celebrant and a wonderful person! Thank you again for everything! Lots of love Joan and Frank Albace.

Renewal of Vows Wine Ceremony

Jodi & Christopher Renewal of Vows 20th Anniversary Woolowin Brisbane

Love Letter Jodi + Christopher Renewal of Vows 20th Anniversary Woolowin Brisbane
Thank you so much Marilyn for being a part of our special day. We loved the ceremony it was so beautiful ! It was an incredible night filled with emotion and the love of family and friends. Top of Form Marilyn, you are an amazing woman with great warmth. Your ceremony took our special day to the next level. Everyone commented on how wonderful and original the ceremony was and your obvious love of your work. Sharon our friend who introduced us 20 years ago said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Love Jodi & Christopher xoxo

Jodi & Christopher Renewal of Vows 20th Anniversary Woolowin Brisbane

Marry Me Marilyn_Chris_James_Renewal of Vows Jumping the Broom Secrets on the Lake Montville

Love Letter Chris + James Scottish Handfasting Renewal of Vows Secrets on the Lake Montville Marilyn, from the very beginning you made Jim and I feel special, we had a dream filled with visions of a magical day, an infinity circle of rose petals, friends and family all joined in mind and spirit with our Gentle Mother of Earth and our Awesome Father of Sky. Our imagination and dreams became a reality, one guest said “He had never been to a wedding like it before” it was so beautiful, personal and moving. Our memories will last a life time. Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning, Jim and I had always dreamed of having a beautiful handfasting ceremony to renew our wedding vows. I did a lot of research made even more phone calls and finally connected with you. Thank you for being part of and helping create our dream. Jim and Chris Walls xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn_Chris_James_Renewal of Vows Signing Secrets on the Lake Montville

Love Letter Lorelle + Craig Surprise Renewal of Vows Braeside Chapel Merrimac
Thank you so much Marilyn,We had a brilliant event, more than you really know! Our handfasting ceremony you included was amazing! Thank you so much!! Kind Regards, Lorelle & Craig xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Elizabeth & Michael UK Renewal of Vows Main Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Elizabeth+ Michael (UK) Renewal of Vows Main Beach Gold Coast
Hello Marilyn & Marcel, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for making our Renewal of Vows Ceremony so nice. You made it PERFECT! It was just what we wanted, informal and personal to us. What a lovely couple you are. You made the whole process easy and friendly. Great communication even though we are from the UK. We wish you a very happy new year. Much love and best wishes, Liz and Mike X


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