Tracey Geoffrey's Commitment at the Natural Arch with Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Celebrant Photography Courtesy of Catherine Chenery Photography

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Marry Me Marilyn_Ruby & Sam Viking Norse Handfasting Northey St City Farm Windsor Farm Brisbane

Love Letter Ruby + Sam Viking Norse Handfasting Northey St City Farm Windsor Brisbane
Oh Marilyn Sam and I cannot thank you enough for such an AMAZING CEREMONY, it was so PERSONAL and PERFECT, you guided me every step of the way into the lead up of the wedding, your words were beautiful and the way in which you delivered them was DIVINE! The ceremony was so PERSONAL to us, I just cannot thank you enough for the experience and memories you gave us! Thank you again for the most magnificent day anyone could ask for! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks for everything love and light! Ruby and Sam xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn_Ruby & Sam Viking Norse Handfasting Northey St City Farm Windsor Farm Brisbane

Love Letter Nicole + Rubin Commitment Sunshine Castle
Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for being part of our big special day, for your professionalism, enthusiasm and organisation. Thank you for rolling with us with our lack of rehearsal and allowing us to go with the flow naturally on the day. It was just how we wanted it relaxed, giggly and fun. That really shone through and we received so many compliments on how relaxed and unique our ceremony was. You have a beautiful spirit and we can’t wait to see you again soon to catch up with you to show you our video.  Warmest regards Nicole, Rubin and Kidletts xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn_Kendall & Daniel Handfasting Commitment Everton Park Brisbane Jumping the Broom

Love Letter Kendall + Daniel Handfasting Commitment Everton Park Brisbane
THE CEREMONY was the PERFECT HANDFASTING that we didn't even know we wanted for our day! It was simple, elegant and the first time we read it together we could not believe how PERFECT she got it. Both sides of THE FAMILY WERE IN TEARS and everyone could not believe HOW BEAUTIFUL THE CEREMONY WAS. Marilyn made the whole thing so simple and easy and I thought my husband and I would be fretting over the ceremony but she just knew what to do to help create one of the best days in our lives. We are so glad we put our trust in her and found her. The first time I talked to Marilyn she almost seemed to know exactly what I wanted for the pagan aspects while still making sure my husband got what he wanted and combining to all beautifully. Daniel and I were kind of clueless about the whole ceremony part of our wedding, we had no idea what we were doing till a friend recommended Marilyn to us and thanks gods she did! The day would not have been the same without that beautiful ceremony she created for us. I would recommend her again and again as well as plan on going to her for future milestones down the track.  We really can't thank her enough for all that she did. Marilyn got the ceremony perfect and I cannot believe our luck in being able to have her there! Love Kendall & Daniel xo

Kendall & Daniel Handfasting Commitment Everton Park Brisbane

Love Letter Tracey + Geoffrey Natural Bridge Gold Coast Hinterland
Thank you once again for being our Celebrant for our hand fastening ceremony. We both had a fantastic day and everything went perfectly. Love Tracey & Geoffrey x

Marry Me Marilyn Amanda Dane Commitment Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba

Love Letter Dane + Amanda Commitment Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba
Hi Marilyn I just want to thank you for a very special day it was amazing thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Love Dane & Amanda xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Amanda Dane Commitment Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba

Marry Me Marilyn Amanda Dane Commitment Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba

When you commit to each other your union is also about a family commitment when children are involved.

Commitment Ceremonies

Honour your love for one another in a Commitment Ceremony in which you publicly declare your choice to live your lives together as a couple and love each other unconditionally.

Love Letter James + Emma Commitment Currumbin Valley Gold Coast
Dear Marilyn thank you so much for holding our ceremony, it was perfect and everything that we wanted it to be! We have had so many compliments and others wanting to do the same thing for their ceremony since being at ours. Thank you!!! Lots of Love James, Emma & Jahla x

A commitment ceremony can have a similar structure to a marriage ceremony or it can be as different as you choose anywhere along the spectrum. The ceremony is only limited by our combined imaginations and the requirement that we state that it is not a legal marriage so as not to mislead guests. There is no legal wording to incorporate.

Love Letter Coreine + Chris Commitment Hawthorne East Brisbane
Hi Marilyn, thank you , thank you, thank you...... ...the ceremony was beautiful....not sure there was a dry eye in the house judging by the many guests asked about you...... thank you for helping us make our day perfect.....Not a thing went wrong....the day happened without a hitch.....thank you ........warmest regards, Coreine and Chris x

Marry Me Marilyn Karren & Brian Handfasting Commitment Len Wort Park Labrador Gold Coast

Love Letter Karren + Brian Handfasting Commitment Len Wort Park Labrador Gold Coast
If you are reading this then there is a strong likelihood that you are either planning to get married on the Gold Coast, or are assisting the happy couple to gather information regarding the services of a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast. And if you are anything like my beautiful partner Karren and I, when it comes to making that choice, then several things will be on your mind. Firstly, you will be looking for someone with whom you both “just click”. This is your big day and rapport is everything. And if you are a pragmatist, then you may also be weighing up the costs of the service. This in turn may prompt you to consider “just what are we getting for our money on our big day”? These are all very sensible least they were for us. Karren and I are very happy to share with you what we got when we made the decision to engage the services of Marilyn.If you are looking for a STRESS FREE EXPERIENCE WITH A WARM AND DELIGHTFUL CELEBRANT for your wedding on the Gold Coast WE CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARILYN VERSCHUURE AT MARRY ME MARILYN. Marilyn provided a seamless experience, both on the day and of equal importance, in the rehearsal. Marilyn is a consummate professional, but not in a stuffy or bossy way which the word “professional” sometimes makes people think of. Marilyn made us feel at ease and drew on her years of experience to anticipate our needs and provide all the options and solutions we requested. Marilyn’s resources regarding options for “vows” and the order of the ceremony are comprehensive and this also helped us feel calm and excited rather than alone and confused in the process. We also appreciated the little touches which Marilyn provided, right down to our staging during the ceremony so that the photographers had access to the best shots of us as a couple. Yours Faithfully Brian Clark & Karren Kohnke x

Marry Me Marilyn Tina & David Wedding Palazzo Versace Main Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Tina + David Commitment Palazzo Versace Main Beach Gold Coast
Thank you so much Marilyn you were so professional and genuinely beautiful to deal with. What a beautiful lady to have as our celebrant. She was professional and knew her stuff inside out. I loved that Marilyn made things easy for us and she was very accommodating to our wants and needs. You can tell Marilyn genuinely loves love and is passionate about her work. Highly recommend Marilyn for all of her wonderful services and we are looking forward to spreading the word on your amazing service. Love Tina & David x

Marry Me Marilyn Tina & David Wedding Palazzo Versace Main Beach Gold Coast

When you commit to each other your union is spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically a true joining of your hearts & souls.

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