Mary & Brendan's Wedding at their home on Macleay Island Redlands off Brisbane. Mary & Brendan had a 7 Chakra Handfasting and the Wedding Party the Bride & Groom and Marry Me Marilyn each represented a chakra.

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Connecting with Angels

The ability to simply be in the moment, to love unconditionally, to have an open mind and to live every day with passion, enthusiasm and spirit of adventure nurtures and sustains the special bond between us and the angels. We can then reclaim our special bond with heaven or the universe, a bond that is our birthright. When we laugh and experience joy we are closer to our angels. We have a lightness of spirit that comes from complete trust in the power of love.

Ami & Tony celebrated their Marriage with a Seven Chakra Handfasting at Songbirds Rainforest Retreat with Marry Me Marilyn

Marry Me MarilynLove Letter from Ami & Tony Handfasting Wedding at Songbirds Rainforest Retreat Mt Tamborine
Firstly Marilyn, Thank you Thank you Thank you, you truly are an extremely special lady - one in which we are so grateful to have had as our celebrant uniting us as Husband & Wife. Marilyn you are a beautiful, genuine compassionate soul - a "real" person & those that are united by you are truly blessed. Since our wedding we have received so many comments on how unique & beautiful our ceremony was - many of our guests said they were captivated from beginning to end & overwhelmed at how emotionally engaging the words within the ceremony were. Your integrity & gracefulness demonstrated from the preparation to the delivery of our ceremony was amazing & for this we are truly grateful. You truly were such an integral part of our union & we feel blessed to have had you - a true angel to marry us on that beautiful spring day in the rainforest. The Seven Chakra Handfasting you prepared for us was magical - again you captured in words the essence of our love for each other & for this we thank you. Tony & I would recommend you to any couple that is looking for a celebrant that will nurture & bring to life the essence of their love for one another - so on that special day when you say "I Do" to your lover, to your best friend, you have a ceremony filled with the all the words that your hearts wanted to say, delivered in a graceful manner by a soul who believes in your union as much as you do!!!!
When we were looking for a celebrant I scoured the magazines & websites looking for that "friendly face" that we would call & say "Please marry us" - to my surprise it didn’t take long to find you & know that you were the one - you were the first celebrant I called & when you picked up the phone - let's just say Marilyn - you had us at "Hello"!!! At our first meeting with you made us feel at ease you were kind and endearing & really listened to us & our story - you took the time to get to know us.
Your support & enthusiasm that was shown when we wanted to be "different" - & avoid many of the classic wedding ceremony traditions, made us feel comfortable & excited to explore other ceremony ideas - which led to us, with your help creating the perfect ceremony that reflected who we are - it captured our values as individuals & as a couple, allowing us to share the love & respect we have for each other with our friends & family in our own style. Thanks so much Marilyn, Love & Light Always Tony & Ami xoxo

Marry Me MarilynLove Letter Esther & Steve's Wedding on Woorim Beach Bribie Island South East Queensland
Marilyn stood out when we were looking for a celebrant on the internet and we instantly knew she was the one that was going to marry us. She was different to all the others that we looked at and we felt we were on the same wavelength. She was very enthusiastic, open and friendly. Throughout the planning Marilyn was very supportive and open minded and the fact we lived a long way from each other was no problem at all. Marilyn’s resources had so many different ideas and hundreds of different vows, poems readings, example ceremonies etc, which enabled us to plan and make up our own individual ceremony as we wanted it and together with her experience and feedback we were able to achieve our perfect wedding.  We wanted a small, intimate Beach ceremony with true meaning. To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Marilyn, was very enthusiastic about it and encouraged us to incorporate it as it reflected who we are. We also included an original Seven Chakra Handfasting that Marilyn designed and wrote which had such beautiful energy! The day itself was amazing and perfect! Everything went very well and we definitely recommend Marilyn! Thank you Marilyn for making our day so memorable! Esther & Steve Crocker xoxo

The Chakras

A chakra is a spinning vortex of energy. Every human has an energy field complex and multilayered chakras are energetic gateways in which energy flows. Like electricity the fields are invisible to the naked eye. We all have 7 major chakra points but many minor ones. Together this network acts as one holistic system in which mind, body and spirit act as one.

Mary & Brendan's Wedding at their home on Macleay Island Redlands off Brisbane with Marry Me Marilyn

Marry Me MarilynLove Letter from Mary & Brendan Wedding at their home on Macleay Island Redlands off Brisbane
Marilyn helped us to create an amazing, warm and relaxed wedding ceremony. Right from the start she understood our desire to have a spiritual and conscious ceremony and she contributed hours of research and planning to provide us with everything we wanted and more. Right from our initial meeting Marilyn presented herself as professional and confident and provided us with a world of ideas. All of our anxieties over the planning and preparation were put at ease by her presence. She facilitated all of our needs and wants (no matter how left field and abstract!) and created a unique, special and beautiful ceremony incorporating our beliefs and principles of universal energy and love. All who were there at our wedding will be talking about the day for years to come. We both felt so comfortable in Marilyn's presence and as a result feel as though Marilyn has become more of a friend and not just a celebrant. She is a wonderfully friendly and sincere person that genuinely enjoys her work and interactions with people. We are so fortunate to have found her and would recommend her to anyone initiating a rite of passage or celebration. We look forward to seeing her again and having her included in future ceremonies within our family.  
Thanks Marilyn! Much love and light Mary & Brendan x

Mary & Brendan's Wedding at their home on Macleay Island Redlands off Brisbane. Mary & Brendan had a 7 Chakra Handfasting and the Wedding Party the Bride & Groom and Marry Me Marilyn each represented a chakra.

Marry Me Marilyn Handfasting Wedding CelebrantMary and Brendan believe in mind, body, spirit consciousness. Their handfasting's focal point was to join Mary and Brendan, tying their hands together in an act that blended their physical, spiritual and emotional energies, creating a stronger energy force and exchange between them.

Each Bridesmaid wore a colour that represented a Chakra of the Body at Mary & Brendan's Wedding at their home on Macleay Island Redlands off Brisbane with Marry Me Marilyn

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