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Stefana Greek Wedding Crown Ceremony

Love Note Stephanie + Ben Wedding Boulevard Gardens Indooroopilly Brisbane
Marilyn married my wife and I in October 2019. She was very professional but also warm and caring. She was able to include a version of a Greek Orthodox Stefana ceremony that celebrated my wifes Greek Culture.

Marilyn wrote an original civil version of the Stefana or Greek Wedding Crown Ceremony for Andrea & Alexanderr

Love Letter Andrea + Alexander Wedding Broadbeach Waters Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, This is the first chance I have had to say thank you for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding! Your support and guidance was superb and we had lots of comments about how personal and unique our ceremony was! It was exactly what we wanted and we couldn't have done it without you!! Love Andrea and Alex xx


The Arti Indian Hindu Ritual

To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Esther & Steve

Love Letter Esther + Steve Wedding Woorim Beach Bribie Island
Marilyn stood out when we were looking for a celebrant on the internet and we instantly knew she was the one that was going to marry us. She was different to all the others that we looked at and we felt we were on the same wavelength. She was very enthusiastic, open and friendly. Throughout the planning Marilyn was very supportive and open minded and the fact we lived a long way from each other was no problem at all. Marilyn’s resources had so many different ideas and hundreds of different vows, poems readings, example ceremonies etc, which enabled us to plan and make up our own individual ceremony as we wanted it and together with her experience and feedback we were able to achieve our perfect wedding.  We wanted a small, intimate Beach ceremony with true meaning. To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Marilyn, was very enthusiastic about it and encouraged us to incorporate it as it reflected who we are. We also included an original Seven Chakra Handfasting that Marilyn designed and wrote which had such beautiful energy! The day itself was amazing and perfect! Everything went very well and we definitely recommend Marilyn! Thank you Marilyn for making our day so memorable! Esther & Steve Crocker xoxo

The Arti Ritual with Marry Me Marilyn

The Arti Ritual with Marry Me Marilyn

Conscious Marriage

We nourish each other and ourselves in living by the five Zen Buddhist precepts:

From The I Ching

When two people are at one in their inmost hearts, they shatter even the strength of iron and bronze.
And when two people understand each other in their inmost hearts,
Their words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of orchids.

Fatima & Gordon Drew a Sacred Circle to perform their Spiritual Marriage and Marked the Cardinal Points of North South East West

Native American Indian Ceremony

Emily & Freddy Wedding Cram's Farm Reserve Clarrie Hall Dam Uki
Emily & Freddy had an original spiritually conscious marriage. Their wedding was based on original Native American Indian Ceremonies of Love written especially for them by Marilyn. Emily & Freddy held a 3 day Festival of Love with fabulous funky music and their wedding was the highlight.

Uruguayan Mate Ceremony

Love Letter Adriana + Gabriel Wedding Main Beach
Marilyn, You did an amazing job with designing and performing our wedding ceremony, thank you so much! I thought you might like to keep this photo of you joining in the ritual of drinking the Mate at our wedding ceremony. We loved that your designed an original Mate Ceremony based on our Uruguayan traditon as well as an original Sand Ceremony that represented our family, heritage and home country. I would love to keep in touch, take care! Adriana & Gabriel xoxo

The Arras Coin Ceremony

A Latin tradition, the groom drops 13 coins into the bride’s hands representing her dowry and his vow to support her.


Love Letter Mark + Todd_Wedding Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Main Beach
We carefully chose Marilyn to be our wedding celebrant - we absolutely made the right decision and highly recommend her to others. Marilyn really personalised and customised the ceremony to us as a couple, also taking into account some small cultural wedding traditions. I was impressed with the amount of time Marilyn spent refining and perfecting every aspect of the ceremony. She was organised, put together beautiful vow booklets for us and assisted us prepare so it was a seamless experience on the day. Thank you so much Marilyn! Love Mark + Todd x

Celtic & Buddhist Shell Ceremonies

In Tibet the conch shell is used in Buddhist rituals, both blown and as a receptacle for holy water. Tia is having a Conch Shell Blessing at her Naming Ceremony in Daisy Hill Forest park in Logan.

Conch Shell Blessing For Tia at her Naming Ceremony Daisy Hill Forest Park Logan

The shell ceremony is part of the Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony. The celebrant soaks the couple's hands in water and wish them good luck. The water is contained in a conch shell.

Martijn & Merit from The Netherlands were married on Main Beach on the Gold Coast as the sun went down. Marilyn performed a Shell Ceremony as part of their Wedding Ceremony

Love Letter Martijn + Merit Wedding Sheraton Mirage Resort Main Beach
Dear Marilyn, We would like to thank you again for your beautiful contribution to our wedding. From the moment we met at your place we knew we had made the right choice to choose you as our celebrant. You helped us answering many questions and provided professional advice and support. It was great to discuss our wedding plans with you and you made it actually very easy to get it all together. You really gave us a chance to make the day exactly how we wanted, intimate, passionate, personal en powerful! We love the fact you are so flexible whether it is the venue or the script. We can imagine that our wedding was about the smallest wedding you have ever done, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! With our bare feet in the sand! We loved it and we know you did too! Without hesitation we can and will recommend you to everyone who wants to get married! Merit & Martijn

Martijn & Merit from The Netherlands were married on Main Beach on the Gold Coast as the sun went down. Marilyn performed a Shell Ceremony as part of their Wedding Ceremony

Marry Me Marilyn married sonja & Alessandro on Wategos Beach in Byron Bay on a glorious Autumn Day

Facebook Sonja + Alessandro Wategos Beach
Marilyn. Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony. I loved how moved you yourself were and how brilliantly you adjusted your voice to the sound of the ocean. Everyone could hear you. You truly made us feel very special. L Sonja x

Love Letter Sonja + Alessandro Wategos Beach Byron Bay
Both of us were rather nervous about getting married in the first place and thus found the prospect of meeting with the wedding celebrant rather daunting. However, when we first met Marilyn, all of our fears were blown away. She had a lovely presence, was totally authentic and let us be who we wanted to be. It was all about us and our ideas, which showed us how sensitive Marilyn is. Immediately, we felt at ease and knew we'd go ahead with her. Her kindness and her support helped us to get through the preparation for the wedding and her professionalism made the journey very easy and enjoyable. Her resources were utterly helpful in composing our vows and the wonderful input she gave us for the ceremony were simply amazing. She helped us to design the ceremony according to our needs and personalities, which ultimately made our wedding an unforgettable day that we will carry in our hearts for rest of our lives. Thanks Marilyn, your presence at our celebration was the icing of the cake. We are so lucky to have had you there with us.
Love Sonja & Sandro xoxo

Tibetan Singing Bowl or Ruby Crystal Bowl Ceremony

Inner peace and tranquillity can be hard to achieve but the power of sound can inspire our spirit, re-vitalise our body and harmonise our being with the universe. Strike the bowl gently and follow the sound for as long as it resonates. Open your heart and just be - don't do.

Ruby Crystal Bowl is the same as the Tibetan Singing Bowl

An outstanding quartz crystal tool of loving protection with the powerful vibration of mystical Ruby, a "stone of nobility". It radiates spiritual wisdom, health, transformation and wealth. The Ruby Bowl sounds a lavish red spectrum that "lights" interior planes of Self. Ruby crystal carries an enduring, perfectly brilliant diamond frequency we crave in relationships, enhancing soul love connection, Tantric practice and unifying root and crown chakra energies.

Gabrielle plays the Tibetan singing Bowl for Gordon ans Fatima's Wedding

Dove Release

Sarah & Greg married by Marry me Marilyn at the beautiful Sanctuary Cove Chapel Hyatt Regency released Doves

Love Letter Sarah + Greg Wedding Sanctuary Cove Chapel Hyatt Regency
Hi Marilyn, Greg and I are in Thailand enjoying an amazing honeymoon. Over the past few days we have enjoyed reflecting on what an incredible day our wedding was. We would both like to thank you dearly for all of your help and guidance through planning our truly was the most perfect ceremony. The ceremony was so personal, it truly reflected on the incredible love and friendship that Greg & I share. The way you planned the ceremony was just as Greg & I had wanted and you helped to make this part of our wedding day perfect. The atmosphere created by you was amazing. Both Greg & I felt like there was no one other than ourselves in the room...we were both so caught up in the magic of the moment. All of our family and friends have commented that our ceremony was the best wedding ceremony that they have ever attended, so personal and touching. Greg would also like to thank you for helping to calm his nerves as he was waiting for me to arrive. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so perfect! Love Mr & Mrs Stockill xoxo

Sarah & Greg married by Marry me Marilyn at the beautiful Sanctuary Cove Chapel Hyatt Regency released Doves

Muslim Christian Fusion Wedding

Marry Me Marilyn were chosen by Hannah and Rami for a Christian Muslim Fusion Wedding at the Solothurn Resort Reesville

Love Letter Hannah + Rami Wedding Solothurn Resort Reeseville
Marilyn we wanted to thank you for being part of our wedding and making it a very special day. It was a such a beautiful day! love Hannah & Rami xoxo

Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony
a Dutch Tradition

Marry Me Marilyn Tegan & Bryce Wedding Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard

Love Letter Tegan + Bryce Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard
We could not recommend Marilyn more! She did a FANTASTIC JOB with our Wedding Ceremony. Marilyn took the time to personalise the ceremony so that it suited my bride and myself PERFECTLY. Marilyn is extremely professional and does an amazing job especially with keeping you relaxed through the Wedding Ceremony, her resources helped me so much to write my vows. Marilyn was extremely helpful in making our day so special to us! She was easy to contact if I had questions and fast to respond. She made writing our ceremony a fun and easy process, allowing us to create a personalised ceremony that meant so much to us. Marilyn helped us with our nerves and completed an effective rehearsal of our ceremony with us that allowed us to feel confident and excited. She provided us with helpful advice and many pointers that we then used to make our wedding ceremony run so smoothly. On the day she spoke beautifully, was dressed professionally and looked stunning and ran our ceremony amazingly! Our guests commented on how beautiful our ceremony was with many of our guest saying they have never seen a wooden box ceremony before and what a beautiful touch it was. I was so full of nerves as I walked down the aisle that Marilyn was able to instantly calm me as she reminded me to stay in the present and enjoy this moment! Both my husband and I would highly recommend Marilyn services to anyone looking at getting married! We cannot thank Marilyn enough for making our day so memorable for us! Love Tegan & Bryce xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Tegan & Bryce Wedding Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard

Marry Me Marilyn Tegan & Bryce Wedding Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard

Turtle and Crane Ceremony based on Japanese tradition created by Marilyn Verschuure from Marry Me Marilyn

Marilyn created an original sub ceremony for Adam and Kaoru based on an ancient Japanese tradition at Coolibah Downs Chapel Nerang on the Gold Coast.

Marilyn Verschuure created an orignal ceremony for Adam and Kaoru called the Crane and Turtle Ceremony

Garland Ceremony

Marry Me Marilyn married Guena from Korea & Keshava at Southport Community Hall Gold Coast

Love Letter Guena + Keshva Wedding Southport Community Centre Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, Kesh and Gina here. How are you?  It's has been already 7 month since you married us at the Southport Community Hall. We both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help and support. You gave advice and single handidly organised our ceremony which was a great success and supported us even though we were both racked with nerves with your experience and witty humour by even making jokes on the crowd. We would happily recommend such help and support to others planning their wedding and are grateful to have spent our special day with u by our side thanks a million lovely Marilyn. Yours sincerely happily married Keshava and Gina

San-San-Kudo - Japanese Sake Ceremony

"San-san-kudo," a ceremony of three-times-three

"San-san-kudo," a ceremony of three-times-three exchange of nuptial cups, is performed by the bridegroom and bride. Drinks of "Sake" are then exchanged between members and close relatives of the both families to signify their union through the wedding.

  Japanese Wedding Ceremony -  Japanese wedding ceremony.

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