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Conscious Marriage & Sacred Marriage Create a Life of Spiritual Practice To Enhance Your Spiritual Path!

"The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life like nothing else can bring." - Oscar Wilde

Love Letter Emily + Brock’s Wedding The Bower Estate Natural Bridge
My wife and I were lucky enough to have Marilyn be our celebrant for our big day a few weeks ago. We had spoken with a few celebrants before Marilyn but from the first time we got in touch, her warmth and relaxed attitude helped us to feel comfortable in selecting her as the one for us. When Covid caused a number of complications with our original plans Marilyn was incredibly understanding and helpful and allowed us flexibility to achieve our dream wedding. Marilyn is a very talented writer and when she sent through the first draft of our ceremony, we knew clearly that she understood us and what we wanted our day to be. Throughout the process and on the day Marilyn was incredibly organised and helped to keep us on schedule and we simply could not recommend her highly enough to anyone looking for a celebrant! Thanks for all you have done Marilyn and all the best for the future! Brock & Emily xoxox

What is a Conscious Wedding?

A conscious wedding sets the scene for your future together to live your most authentic life.

A conscious wedding is a celebration of love and commitment that puts the couple’s marriage and their future as a team and as a family first whilst honouring the journey of the individual.

A conscious wedding creates the most beautiful personal and powerful moment in time full of fun, joy & happy vibes.

A conscious wedding is connection; between each other your children, parents, family and friends and myself.

A conscious wedding is blissful, energised with awareness, intention and gratitude for your most authentic life!

Your wedding vows will provide focused intention and energy to create this bright promising future together.

Love is the key to freedom, to limitless journeying as individual souls and as bonded hearts. Enjoy every moment, the grief and the bliss. Then dance together, as you have chosen to, into a new world.

Marilyn and Marcel Verschuure celebrate a Conscious Marriage with a spiritual Wedding Ceremony infused with consciousness and love with Zen Buddhist offerings

Conscious marriage happens when two people join together on a journey of spiritual growth. They want to make the journey. Their love and trust keep them together, Their intuition guides them. They consult with each other, they are friends and they laugh a lot. They are equals. Spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Gary Zukav.

A conscious marriage is a place where you can learn attitudes, skills, and practices that can help you deepen and grow in love and satisfaction together, through a lifetime of change. This is the path and practice of conscious marriage.

Marry Me Marilyn_Love Letter Eliza_Marty Wedding Lennox Head NSW

Love Letter Eliza + Marty Wedding Pat Moreton Lookout Lennox Head NSW
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE WOULD CHANGE ABOUT OUR WEDDING CEREMONY WE LOOK BACK ON OUR WEDDING DAY WITH ABSOLUTE DELIGHT AND WE RECOMMEND MARILYN WHOLEHEARTEDLY TO EVERYONE. My brother, who isn't one for compliments, said me to after the ceremony.. "THAT IS THE BLUEPRINT OF HOW ALL WEDDING CEREMONIES SHOULD BE."  To be honest we thought we wouldn't find the right celebrant to marry us in the way we wanted, so we had strongly considered not having one. We thought we would do all the legals at a registration office a month before and then have my brother on the day to act in for us…..that was until we found Marilyn. We had an initial Skype call with her to suss her out and she was just what we were after. She listened to what we wanted, offered just enough advice to guide us along and she thought of all the things we hadn't thought of. HER YEARS OF EXPERIENCE SHONE THROUGH FROM THE BEGINNING. We didn't want the same old stale ceremony, and it was clear she wasn't the same old stale celebrant. She has a magic folder of readings and example vows, great suggestions on the timing of the ceremony and a warmth that made planning the ceremony a breeze. We then arranged to meet her. We got to practice the ceremony and be clear on where and how to stand (awesome help when you are a little nervous and blissed out on your day). We loved her uniqueness, her professionalism and organisation and her attention to detail. WE ALSO LOVED HER TECHNIQUES ON HOW TO STAY COOL WHEN SPEAKING TO AN AUDIENCE, WHILE BEING TOTALLY PRESENT WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE YOU ARE ABOUT TO MARRY. Much love to you and Marcel! xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn_Love Letter Eliza_Marty Wedding Lennox Head NSW

Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Mara & Adam married at the Manor House Byron Bay Hinterland

Love Letter Mara + Adam Wedding Manor House Byron Bay Hinterland
Marilyn was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If we ever were to get married again we would certainly ask her to wed us all over ;)  She was incredibly helpful and patient throughout the whole process of planning and we can highly recommend her! Especially if you are looking for a unique and personalized ceremony she is the right woman for you! She took the time to get to know us and then offered different options based on what we wanted. She is a very intuitive woman and a lot of the time she knew what we wanted without us having to say anything. She also has years of experience and a real passion for what she does. Within only a few emails and a couple of meetings she helped us create our dream ceremony! It was quick and easy, yet thorough and well planned. Our little daughter was 3 months at the time of planning which meant we were quite busy and so it was very important to have someone who would take care of all the details - and she did! We were so happy with our wedding day!!  To us the ceremony was THE most important part of our wedding and we got exactly what we had in mind. She was professional and organized, but also warm and personal at all times and we felt very comfortable with her. Thank you Marilyn for holding our dream wedding ceremony! In deep gratitude, Mara, Adam and Rose xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Mara & Adam married at the Manor House Byron Bay Hinterland

Marry Me Marilyn Siboney & Wayne 7 Chakra Handfasting Wedding Pottsville Northern NSW

Love Letter Siboney + Wayne Wedding Pottsville Northern NSW
Marilyn was the perfect celebrant for us! From the moment we met her, we felt instantly at ease. She was warm, engaged, and real. We felt that she genuinely cared about us and about wanting to ensure that our ceremony was a true reflection of our love, our story, and our values. In the lead-up to the big day, Marilyn sent us gentle reminders, votes of confidence, and words of advice - it was just what we needed to ensure we ticked all the relevant boxes while staying centred and joyful. On the day of our wedding, she was lovely. Calm, sweet, thoughtful. She knew what we wanted and how much the involvement of our family and friends in our ceremony mattered to us, and she made everyone feel welcome and included. She was wonderful! When we were first choosing a celebrant, we felt a little overwhelmed. All the websites looked so polished and the marketing so well-targeted. But there was something about Marilyn - even in her website and through her words - that struck a chord with us. So we made an appointment to meet her and from that moment on we felt blessed. She was perfect us and we could not be happier with how our wedding day turned out. Thanks Marilyn xxx

Marry Me Marilyn Siboney & Wayne 7 Chakra Handfasting Wedding Pottsville Northern NSW

Marry Me Marilyn Siboney & Wayne 7 Chakra Handfasting Wedding Pottsville Northern NSW

Emily + Freddy Wedding Cram's Farm Recreational Reserve Clarrie Hall Dam in Uki Northern NSW
Emily & Freddy had a spiritually conscious marriage. I created a totally original ceremony for them based on Native American Indian expressions of Love and Commitment.

Emily + Freddy's Festival of Love
This highly creative couple event managed their own 3 day Music Festival full of fun & fabulous funky music with their wedding as the highlight and the culmination of a whole lot of love!

Emily + Freddy' Wedding 3 Day Festival of Love Cram's Farm Uki & Midginbil Hill
The Festival of Love was by far the best weekend of my entire life. To be surrounded by all my favourite people in the world and to marry the man of my dreams, while listening to the best music on the planet in the most perfect surroundings... I never ever wanted to leave, I wanted the Festival of Love to be our world for ever and ever. The Festival of Love was everything I hoped for and more. Such a beautiful and amazing weekend full of all the souls I love best. I will never ever forget it as long as I live. Marilyn thank you so much again for everything you did. You are a gem Marilyn, I honestly can't imagine anyone else that could have been the perfect celebrant for us like you were. Much love, Emily & Freddy x x

Love Letter Emily & Freddy Wedding at Cram's Farm Recreational Reserve
When my partner and I started planning our wedding we had absolutely no idea where to search for a celebrant and were wishing we could have one of our friends marry us because we weren't sure where else we would find anyone who would resonate with us as strongly as someone who knew us intimately. It was synchronicity which drew Marilyn to us, and from the moment I contacted her I felt a strong and positive connection with her. Marilyn has all the wonderful qualities that one could possibly hope for in a celebrant... she is warm and friendly, deeply and passionately committed to her work, unique and creative in her approach, and borders on psychic in her ability to understand your needs and meet them. Often as I was thinking of something that we needed or wanted for the ceremony, she would just magically send me an email with exactly what I was thinking of, perfectly woven into the script. She has a beautiful warm heart, and a magical quality that made the whole process of preparing for our wedding extra special, and so so much easier and less stressful than if we were attempting to do it ourselves. Marilyn is also highly professional and shares an abundance of resources with the couples lucky enough to choose her. Basically Marilyn was the PERFECT celebrant for us, she has a delightful blend of professionalism, magic, warmth, supportiveness and understanding. She is incredibly open minded, offering a smorgasbord of options, beyond anything you thought possible and she has a truly spiritual approach to her work, not just going through the motions, but pouring her heart and soul into the experience. She is by far the best celebrant I have ever seen conduct a wedding ceremony and I just feel so blessed that she was part of the most special day of our lives, in fact she was an integral part of making it the most special day of our lives. Much love Emily Holler xoxoxox
Marilyn is like
a modern day St. Valentine, she is extremely passionate about love and marriage and this definitely came through in the ceremony she prepared for us. With an incredible knowledge and understanding of rituals and ceremonies from cultures of all over the world, Marilyn was instrumental in making our ceremony so unique, magical, interesting, and heartfelt.  Her entwining of our love stories had people in laughter and tears and many of our guests commented on things that she quoted. This showed us that she captured our people whom listened to the entire 45 minute ceremony and really enjoyed it. Overall, from our first meeting, then preparing our ritual, to our actual big moment, Marilyn has been absolutely remarkable. She is to us more than a facilitator or standard celebrant, but a very special part of our marriage forever. Much love Freddy Holler

Love Letter Ami + Tony Handfasting Wedding Songbirds Rainforest Retreat Mt Tamborine
Firstly Marilyn, Thank you Thank you Thank you, you truly are an extremely special lady - one in which we are so grateful to have had as our celebrant uniting us as Husband & Wife. Marilyn you are a beautiful, genuine compassionate soul - a "real" person & those that are united by you are truly blessed. Since our wedding we have received so many comments on how unique & beautiful our ceremony was - many of our guests said they were captivated from beginning to end & overwhelmed at how emotionally engaging the words within the ceremony were. Your integrity & gracefulness demonstrated from the preparation to the delivery of our ceremony was amazing & for this we are truly grateful. You truly were such an integral part of our union & we feel blessed to have had you - a true angel to marry us on that beautiful spring day in the rainforest. The Seven Chakra Handfasting you prepared for us was magical - again you captured in words the essence of our love for each other & for this we thank you. Tony & I would recommend you to any couple that is looking for a celebrant that will nurture & bring to life the essence of their love for one another - so on that special day when you say "I Do" to your lover, to your best friend, you have a ceremony filled with the all the words that your hearts wanted to say, delivered in a graceful manner by a soul who believes in your union as much as you do!!!!
When we were looking for a celebrant I scoured the magazines & websites looking for that "friendly face" that we would call & say "Please marry us" - to my surprise it didn’t take long to find you & know that you were the one - you were the first celebrant I called & when you picked up the phone - let's just say Marilyn - you had us at "Hello"!!! At our first meeting with you made us feel at ease you were kind and endearing & really listened to us & our story - you took the time to get to know us.
Your support & enthusiasm that was shown when we wanted to be "different" - & avoid many of the classic wedding ceremony traditions, made us feel comfortable & excited to explore other ceremony ideas - which led to us, with your help creating the perfect ceremony that reflected who we are - it captured our values as individuals & as a couple, allowing us to share the love & respect we have for each other with our friends & family in our own style. Thanks so much Marilyn, Love & Light Always Tony & Ami xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Emily & Murray Wedding Elephant Rock Currumbin Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter Emily + Murray Wedding Elephant Rock Currumbin Beach Gold Coast
Dear lovely Marilyn, We have both struggled to find the right words that would properly detail how grateful we are for you. Right from the start you had us figured out and straight away went to work planning a GORGEOUS CEREMONY that left EVERY PERSON AT OUR WEDDING IN TEARS FROM START TO FINISH. You were SO PROFESSIONAL but at the same time FELT LIKE A FRIEND WE HAD KNOWN FOR YEARS, so felt right at home with you up the front marrying us. I was worried before I chose a celebrant thinking the process would be difficult and that we wouldn't get the ceremony that we wanted but you've got a MAGIC & PRESCENCE in you that SURPASSES EVERY EXPECTATION we had. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for being our celebrant and being there for us every step of the way. Our day would not have been perfect with you. Love Emily & Murray xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Emily & Murray Wedding Elephant Rock Currumbin Beach Gold Coast

Love Letter May + Stephane Wedding Buddhist Handfasting Laguna Park Palm Beach Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, First of all - what an amazing day! We couldn't have asked for anything better. THE CEREMONY WAS BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING AND TOTALLY US. We are sorry we didn't have time to really thank you on the day! As you would know, it was very overwhelming and there were so many people to see/things to do all at the same time. Ahhh! Thank you so much for everything - you've taught and prepared us so well for the big day and continued to help us all the way until the end. EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME AND SAID YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The ceremony was more than we could have imagined or asked for and was led by the best celebrant out there. Thank you for getting to know us these past few months and for delivering such a memorable ceremony.  All our love, May and Stephane xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Celebrant May & Stephane Wedding Laguna Park Palm Beach Gold Coast

Testimonial Gemma and Sean

Love Letter Gemma + Sean Wedding Santai Kingscliff
“Sean and I chose Marilyn to be our celebrant because we liked the fact she was spiritual and ‘real’. We didn’t want the traditional, standard ceremony and we couldn’t have been happier with what Marilyn created for us. Not only did we have a personal introduction ‘love story’, but Marilyn also created a beautiful handfasting ceremony, which was something unique and special. Her assistance throughout the whole process, especially when we were so busy, was extremely helpful and we greatly appreciate it. Also, the enormous volume of material she has available for you to use is invaluable. Everyone can find something to suit their personality. We highly recommend Marilyn’s services to anyone who wants a personalised, professional and romantic ceremony. Thank you Marilyn, Gemma and Sean.”

Martijn & Merit from The Netherlands were married on Main Beach on the Gold Coast as the sun went down. Marilyn performed a Shell Ceremony as part of their Wedding Ceremony

Love Letter Martijn + Merit Wedding Sheraton Mirage Resort Main Beach Northern Gold Coast
Dear Marilyn, We would like to thank you again for your beautiful contribution to our wedding. From the moment we met at your place we knew we had made the right choice to choose you as our celebrant. You helped us answering many questions and provided professional advice and support. It was great to discuss our wedding plans with you and you made it actually very easy to get it all together. You really gave us a chance to make the day exactly how we wanted, intimate, passionate, personal en powerful! We love the fact you are so flexible whether it is the venue or the script. We can imagine that our wedding was about the smallest wedding you have ever done, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! With our bare feet in the sand! We loved it and we know you did too! Without hesitation we can and will recommend you to everyone who wants to get married! Love Merit & Martijn xoxo

Marry Me Marilyn married sonja & Alessandro on Wategos Beach in Byron Bay on a glorious Autumn Day

Love Letter Sonja & Alessandro Buddhist Wedding Wategos Beach Byron Bay
Both of us were rather nervous about getting married in the first place and thus found the prospect of meeting with the wedding celebrant rather daunting. However, when we first met Marilyn, all of our fears were blown away. She had a lovely presence, was totally authentic and let us be who we wanted to be. It was all about us and our ideas, which showed us how sensitive Marilyn is. Immediately, we felt at ease and knew we'd go ahead with her. Her kindness and her support helped us to get through the preparation for the wedding and her professionalism made the journey very easy and enjoyable. Her resources were utterly helpful in composing our vows and the wonderful input she gave us for the ceremony were simply amazing. She helped us to design the ceremony according to our needs and personalities, which ultimately made our wedding an unforgettable day that we will carry in our hearts for rest of our lives. Thanks Marilyn, your presence at our celebration was the icing of the cake. We are so lucky to have had you there with us. Love Sonja & Sandro xoxo

Marilyn and Marcel Verschuure celebrate a Conscious Marriage with a spiritual Wedding Ceremony infused with consciousness and love.

We support and challenge each other to grow and be the best we can. We give great gifts of our love and our companionship and the willingness to travel through life together. We can agree to do our best to be skillful and patient in this journey and to do our best to listen beneath awkward or unskillful communication for the jewel of the teaching which may be available. When we are on a spiritual path together, we are choosing to learn not only through the joys and ease of relationships but also through its challenges.

Handfasting Symbolises the Eternal Bond and Spiritual Union of Fatima and Gordon

What greater gift can any human being offer to another than the commitment to stay and keep turning towards one another with an open heart? - from Judith Ansara Gass

Marilyn and Marcel Verschuure celebrate a Conscious Marriage with a spiritual Wedding Ceremony infused with consciousness and love with Zen Buddhist offerings

One day Ananda, who had been thinking deeply about things for a while, turned to the Buddha and exclaimed: "Lord, I've been thinking - spiritual friendship is at least half of the spiritual life!" The Buddha replied: "Say not so, Ananda, say not so. Spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life!"- Samyutta Nikaya

Auspicious wedding dates to be married on or near

SUMMER SOLSTICE: The first day of the Season of Summer. On this day DECEMBER 22 the Sun is farthest south and the length of time between Sunrise and Sunset is the shortest of the year.

WINTER SOLSTICE: The first day of the Season of Winter. On this day JUNE 21 the Sun is farthest north and the length of time between Sunrise and Sunset is the longest of the year.

Two times of the year when night and day are about the same length. The Sun is crossing the Equator (an imaginary line around the middle of the Earth) and it is an equal distance from the North Pole and the South Pole.

SPRING EQUINOX: The first day of the Season of Spring - and the beginning of a long period of sunlight at the Pole.In the southern hemisphere: SEPTEMBER 22 (the Sun crosses the Equator moving southward).

AUTUMN EQUINOX: The first day of the Season of Autumn - and the beginning of a long period of darkness at the Pole. In the southern hemisphere: MARCH 20 (the Sun crosses the Equator moving northward.

Zen Marriage Ceremony

We nourish each other and ourselves in living by the five Zen Buddhist precepts. You can incorporate these precepts into your vows to our partner and to the Universe.

"Expand your essence through Conscious Marriage .......Extend into infinite freedom; "Transform your life through the action of passion, commitment and clarity.  This will bring freedom into your lives. The crucial purpose of this life in these accelerated times is to clean up the frequency at which we operate and  understand that we are an inherent part of this vast field of cosmic energy. Opening up vital channels to effect the mass human consciousness and release the joy and love that you are at all times so that you can connect with others at a deeper level.

Love Letter Rachael + Michael Wedding Kirra Beach
If you want a stress free, fun, creative, professional celebrant you MUST have Marry Me Marilyn! From the very first phone call, Marilyn made us feel as if we knew each other already and we instantly knew our wedding would have that personal touch. She was extremely helpful and warm throughout the whole planning process. Marilyn had so many fabulous  ideas and resources and there were so many options with beautiful wording and original small ceremonies to choose from, especially the spiritual ones. We decided on an upbeat wedding with a sea theme and Buddhist inclusions as we were married on a deck by the ocean at Kirra Beach. Marilyn is very professional and sincere in her approach. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable during the whole ceremony. Our family and friends couldn't believe how lovely she was and thought our wedding was just perfect! Thanks again Marilyn you’re a legend! love Rachael & Mike xoxo

Ruby Crystal Singing Bowl

The Ruby Crystal Singing Bowl works to peel away the layers of fear freeing the divine love within to radiate outward to every aspect of your being and those you touch. As you resonate with this crystal singing bowl, a natural shielding surrounds you as energies other than joy and happiness drift by. This bowl can help you to break self destructive patterns.

Ruby Bowl from  United States played for Sacred Marriage of Gordon and Fatima - the vibrations set up a resonance

You performed an outstanding ceremony in very trying circumstances – it was just wonderful.  Fatima and Gordy were thrilled and delighted with you and their service. I must say to you that you did a splendid job in your wonderful calm way!  You conducted the ceremony with a lot of class and love and that shows through.  All the feedback from everyone has been nothing but positive. Lesley Gordon's Sister

Gabrielle played the Ruby Crystal Singing Bowl
at the Divine Sacred Marriage of Fatima & Gordon on the beach at Point Cartwright, on the Sunshine Coast. The Ruby Crystal Singing Bowl is a quartz crystal tool of loving protection with the powerful vibration of mystical Ruby, a "stone of nobility". It radiates spiritual wisdom, health, transformation and wealth. The Ruby Bowl sounds a lavish red spectrum that "lights" interior planes of Self. Ruby crystal carries an enduring, perfectly brilliant diamond frequency we crave in relationships, enhancing soul love connection, Tantric practice and unifying root and crown charka energies.

Call Your Fun, Friendly, Fabulous Gold Coast & Brisbane Civil Marriage Celebrant Marry Me Marilyn now on 0413 344 134 and say Marry Me Marilyn.

The Path & Practice of Conscious Marriage & Sacred Commitment

Lets Co-Create a Blissful Wedding Ceremony Energised with Awareness & Intention & Gratitude For Your Most Authentic Life!

The joining of two people in a committed relationship is sacred. Why? Because our intimate partnerships offer an unparalleled path to the highest expression of our love for each other and for the whole of life. I work to support couples who are beginning their adventure together, or who want to deepen or realign an existing relationship.

As your celebrant, I co-create with you a consious wedding ceremony that mirrors your spiritual path and your values, separately and together. A ceremony that reflects the conscious life you have chosen to live together, forever. Your Wedding Vows will provide intention and energy to manifest this future together. It is important that the ceremony feel natural and spiritually meaningful for you both. It would be a joy for me to co-create and design with you a “Sacred Moment” to provide a solid foundation for your conscious marriage.

Explore and discover that which is within. When we find ourselves, we are more easily found by others - Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching.

Marry Me Marilyn Alyona & Alexandre Wedding Villa Rustica Brooklet Byron Bay Hinterland NSW

Love Letter Alyona + Alexandre Wedding Villa Rustica Brooklet Byron Bay Hinterland NSW
From the first time we spoke to Marilyn on the phone we knew that she was special. During our first interaction we knew that she cared deeply about co-creating a unique and sacred ceremony ensuring that we felt heard in the process. She created a rough draft of our ceremony, which included all of the elements that we could have ever imagined, exceeding our expectations. We went to Marilyn's place prior to our wedding day and were able to see firsthand how much she values her work, we would call it her ART - her caring, intuitive, and heart felt approach made us feel comfortable, clear and confident about our big day. Our wedding day with Marilyn was nothing short of MAGICAL. Her creativity did not stop at the preparation, and her little tips and suggestions on the day were extremely helpful. We are so grateful for the support and guidance of Marilyn and would highly recommend booking Marilyn if you value heartfelt creativity, collaboration and an alternative & unique way of creating your marriage ceremony. Thank you from the depths of our hearts, Marilyn, for the passion and love that you bring to what you do. Thanks again for sharing your magic with us on our wedding day, we felt so blessed to be married by you! We will definitely keep in touch and share our adventures with you. Lots of love, Alyona & Alex Xoxo

Love Letter Katrice + Elliot Wedding Ancora Tweed Heads Northern NSW
Marilyn was absolutely wonderful. Right from the moment I spoke to her on the phone she connected so authentically with our story and new exactly how to run the ceremony. With her guidance and suggestions it allowed us to feel so relaxed in the process leading into the wedding. We could not recommend her and the service she provides enough. You would be mad not to have Marilyn support you in your wedding day. Thank you so much! We are eternally grateful to you!

Marry Me Marilyn Tanya_Shayne Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Bend of the River Elanora Gold Coast

What does it mean to hold your most intimate relationship - your marriage - as a central part of your spiritual path? Your life partner will see and receive the best and worst in you, and reflect this back to you, like a mirror reflects back the heat of the sun.

Marry Me Marilyn Tanya_Shayne Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Bend of the River Elanora Gold Coast

Love Letter Tanya + Shayne Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Bend of the River Elanora Gold Coast
Marilyn is just the most beautiful soul...I cannot even imagine our Marriage Ceremony without her presence, her wisdom, her support and her light that shined so brightly during the entire process of our union....we feel blessed beyond belief to have had Marry Me Marilyn as our wedding celebrant. Loads of love and light and gratitude for your support and incredible service on the day....blessings...Tanya and Shayne xxx xxx

Marry Me Marilyn Tanya_Shayne Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Bend of the River Elanora Gold Coast

Love Note Maggie + Nicholas Wedding Springbrook Chalets Springbrook
Marry Me Marilyn was amazing both as a Wedding Celebrant and tour guide through all of the legalities of tying the knot! Our plans were significantly altered by COVID for our ceremony by going from relatively large to just 6 people. Marilyn had fantastic ideas for the larger event which unfortunately couldn't be realised, but she adapted and made the more intimate event as special as it could be. Marilyn was great to work with and we would recommend her for any style of marriage ceremony! Love Maggie & Nick xoxo

Love Letter Shawn + Darren Wedding Shambala Estate Gardens Tamborine Mountain
Marilyn was extremely helpful right from the beginning as she guided us through the whole wedding process. Some highlights were the various options for our vows, variety of options for the ceremony and her unique way of telling our Love Story. She helped us create the best day of our lives and we're forever grateful! If you're looking for someone to guide you from start to finish then Marilyn's the one! Thanks from Shawn & Darren xox

Sacred Spiritual Marriage performed by Marilyn Verschuure Marry Me Marilyn

Love Letter Fatima + Gordon Wedding Point Cartwright Sunshine Coast South East QLD
We met Marilyn by serendipity we progressed through the legals and just ‘the overall’ of how a Marriage Ceremony falls into place.  Marilyn helped us every step of the way with the vision Gordon and I had for the Wedding – especially with the writing of the Ceremony, which was extremely important to us.  Nothing was ever too much for her and she continually offered numerous suggestions and resources – and always with a laugh in her voice.  Gordon and I were married by Marilyn on 20th June at Point Cartwright Beach.  Yes, the rain that threatened all week stayed away whilst all our guests assembled on the beach, but the moment the Ceremony started, it poured! Fortunately, everyone had umbrellas and we felt most blessed by the rain, but from start to finish, Marilyn held us together by her professionalism, strength and grace. In short, I would recommend Marilyn to ANYBODY wanting someone as gracious and as professional as Marilyn.  If you want someone ‘REAL’ and someone who truly gives their ALL, Marilyn is absolutely ONE CELEBRANT IN A MILLION! With Gratitude Marilyn! Fatima & Gordon xoxox

Fatima & Gordon Drew a Sacred Circle to Celebrate their Spiritual Conscious Marriage at Point Cartwright They Marked the Cardinal Points of North South East West and called on the Elements Fire Air Earth Water.

Fatima & Gordon Drew a Sacred Circle to Celebrate their Divine Spiritual Conscious Marriage at Point Cartwright.They Marked the Cardinal Points of North South East West and called on the Elements Fire, Air Earth and Water.

To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Esther & Steve

Love Letter Esther + Steve Wedding Woorim Beach Bribie Island
Marilyn stood out when we were looking for a celebrant on the internet and we instantly knew she was the one that was going to marry us. She was different to all the others that we looked at and we felt we were on the same wavelength. She was very enthusiastic, open and friendly. Throughout the planning Marilyn was very supportive and open minded and the fact we lived a long way from each other was no problem at all. Marilyn’s resources had so many different ideas and hundreds of different vows, poems readings, example ceremonies etc, which enabled us to plan and make up our own individual ceremony as we wanted it and together with her experience and feedback we were able to achieve our perfect wedding.  We wanted a small, intimate Beach ceremony with true meaning. To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Marilyn, was very enthusiastic about it and encouraged us to incorporate it as it reflected who we are. We also included an original Seven Chakra Handfasting that Marilyn designed and wrote which had such beautiful energy! The day itself was amazing and perfect! Everything went very well and we definitely recommend Marilyn! Thank you Marilyn for making our day so memorable! Esther & Steve Crocker xoxo

To honour our time spent in India we chose to incorporate an Arti, an Indian ritual, recognising and paying tribute to our higher self. Esther & Steve

Marry Me Marilyn buddhist theme & handfasting with Rachel & Cameron Wedding Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba Gold Coast

Love Letter Rachel + Cameron Wedding Boomerang Farm Mudgeeraba Gold Coast
Thanks to Marilyn we had a perfect wedding ceremony. We didn’t really know what we wanted but we knew we wanted it to be unique, and Marilyn devised an original ceremony that suited us completely. We felt so comfortable with our Buddhist themed vows, and so many of the guests commented on what a nice touch the Handfasting was. Preparation was also a breeze: as we were organising the wedding from afar, Marilyn eased the stress with her easy and efficient communication, as well as her intuitive guidance. She really has a talent for picking a couple’s personality, both individually and as a unit, and draws on her wealth of experience to create something distinctive and special! Thank you Marilyn, for making our special day so perfect! love Rachel and Cameron xoxo

Marriage is an opportunity to deepen your love and wisdom. If you decide to dedicate your intention and love to strengthening the foundation of your marriage, it will not only withstand the difficult times but become a deeply nourishing and lasting relationship. You will turn towards the challenge and embrace it as an opportunity for your individual and mutual growth.

Love Letter Jessica + Matt Wedding Fig Tree Midginbil Hill Midginbil Northern NSW
A massive thank you to Marilyn for helping our special day and for all the planning leading up to our big day, an amazing experience! We were not looking for a traditional wedding, but something that really represented us, the journey we have been on so far as a couple and the life we will live together. Marilyn gave us many different options, advice and variations of things to include in our ceremony based on the idea we presented to her for our wedding.  We had a beautiful location set already and with Marilyn's help we put together a beautiful ceremony that celebrated us perfectly.  The ceremony could not have gone smoother and despite having to navigate her way half way up a mountain on a bumpy dirt road, Marilyn was perfectly prepared and ready to go when we arrived which made the day flow very smoothly and took away any nerves we were feeling, especially guiding us through the ceremony when the feelings and emotions were flowing!  Marilyn's assistance and advice through the planning process was also hugely helpful with many beneficial planning tips and important reminders along the way, especially the reminder to enjoy the process and not sweat the small stuff too much!  Thanks for being a part of our amazing day and weekend Marilyn, we hope many more couples get to experience what we did with you alongside. Love Matt & Jess xoxoxo

As you and your partner approach your wedding or commitment, discussing what it might mean to be spiritual friends. How can you honour your separateness and your differences, as well as the ways in which you naturally connect? Can you see your partner as existing not only to meet your expectations and fill your needs, but someone on their own path recognising that you are two unique individuals with different histories, different gifts and different dreams?

Marry Me Marilyn Katrina & Kurt Wedding Lower Beechmont Lookout Gold Coast Hinterland

Love Letter Katrina + Kurt Wedding Lower Beechmont Lookout Gold Coast Hinterland
Marilyn, we appreciate all that you did for us to make our day unique and unforgettable, the ceremony was more than we could have ever wished for, you did such an amazing job! Our first meeting with Marilyn was like visiting an old friend; who knew our love story, who knew what we envisioned for our big day and knew how we liked our cups of tea. Marilyn understood us and was able to quickly see what kind of wedding ceremony we wanted and was enthusiastic to do what she could for us to make that vision a reality. Marilyn married us at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. She was still her natural, vibrant self at 4:30am and created such a beautiful ambience for our ceremony that the day really wouldn't have been the same without her. Thanks again, it really was the best day of our lives! Lots of love K&K xoxoxo

Marry Me Marilyn Katrina & Kurt Wedding Lower Beechmont Lookout Gold Coast Hinterland

Janet & George Bilambil Heights Property Bilambil Heights overlooking Tweed Valley

Love Letter Janet & George New Year's Eve Handfasting Wedding Bilambil Heights
Many Thanks Marilyn for making our special day, joyful, fun and relaxing. You were so flexible to our need's and wants, and put a lot of energy to making our day beautiful. Your professional and committed attitude, made it a real pleasure to have you as our marriage celebrant. Love to You Both, Janet & George

Janet & George's Wedding. George built a stone circle for the Handfasting and their children stood at each of the stones marking the cardinal directions and each of the four elements was represented on the stones.

Marry Me Marilyn Celebrant married Darcey_Malinda at the Tallebudgera Community Hall

Love Letter Malinda + Darcey Wedding Tallebudgera Community Hall Tallebudgera Valley
Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for everything you did to make our day so lovely. Everyone loved the ceremony! Our favourite response was "that was the first wedding I've been to that didn't leave me terrified of marriage" Ha! We were so happy with the way everything turned out. We loved how the ceremony moved from light and fun to deep and moving. We felt connected and present throughout the ceremony. The way you spoke and brought our story to life was perfect and we really enjoyed it. We've had so many comments from family and friends, letting us know how much they loved hearing our Love Story. People said it was relaxed, genuine and heartfelt and many said it was the best wedding they'd been to. The wedding was pulled together in such a short time. We also had the challenge of organising it from the USA. Being able to Skype with you and email you as much as we needed was fantastic and you always got back to us quickly and addressed all our concerns. You were respectful and accommodating with all our values and wishes for our wedding, allowing us the space to make it our own, whilst providing us with many resources and suggestions when we were stuck. The day was crazy! It poured with rain so we had to switch from the park to a nearby hall. Our families have told us that you were extremely helpful with the last minute set up,  letting them know the best way to organise the aisle and the circle for the ceremony. You also calmed us down when we arrived and allowed us space and time to ground and connect before we began. We would recommend you to anyone planning a wedding and couldn't be happier with the way our day turned out. Thank you so much Marilyn. Love Malinda and Darcey x

Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Banthip and Sai Buddhist Shell Ceremony from Thailand

Love Letter Banthip + Sai Wedding The Lakeside Hut Gold Coast Botanic Gardens Benowa
Marilyn is the best marriage celebrant in the world everything was totally perfect for our wedding ceremony, she did an excellent job in every detail from start to finish. From the first time I contacted Marilyn to after the wedding she was extremely helpful as she is such a kind, cheerful and warm person. I felt like I had known her for many years and she has such a great soul on her. Her celebrant service to us was totally outstanding and so accomplished as she always strives for perfection. Marilyn wrote an brilliant wedding ceremony for us with a beautiful touching poem that brought tears to our eyes that remembered my recently departed brother in law. Marilyn included the Rod Nam Sang Shell Ceremony that celebrated my wife’s Thai heritage and her mother and father began the Shell Ceremony with a water blessing as in the Thai Tradition then the family followed with their blessings. I want to thank Marilyn so much for helping me with my personal wedding vows for the big day 10/10/2013. When I think of my vows on the day it brings tears to my eyes and I cannot believe how powerful my vows were, especially as they came from my heart. I normally never cry but during my vows the tears welled up and I tried not to cry. Thanks to Marilyn also for helping Banthip with her vows as they were so beautiful. I'm very happy and impressed with all the work and effort Marilyn put in for us, it was spot on. Marilyn’s work is totally outstanding, professional and touching with extraordinary attention to detail. We were very lucky to have her as our Marriage Celebrant as she fulfilled all of our needs and expectations and more. Banthip and I love your work and we thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect! We will both remember this very special day for the rest of our lives. Kind regards,  Sai Huynh & Banthip Butprasit xoxo Thank You Marilyn for helping to find our amazing photographers Corne & Lara Photography

Banthip & Sai married at The Lakeside Hut Gold Coast Botanic Gardens Benowa with Marry Me Marilyn Celebrant

Mary and Brendan believe in mind, body, spirit consciousness. Their handfasting ceremony's focal point was to join Mary and Brendan, tying their hands together in an act that blended their physical, spiritual and emotional energies, creating a stronger energy force and exchange between them.

Love Letter Mary + Brendan's Wedding Macleay Island Redlands Brisbane
Marilyn helped us to create an amazing, warm and relaxed wedding ceremony. Right from the start she understood our desire to have a spiritual and conscious ceremony and she contributed hours of research and planning to provide us with everything we wanted and more. Right from our initial meeting Marilyn presented herself as professional and confident and provided us with a world of ideas. All of our anxieties over the planning and preparation were put at ease by her presence. She facilitated all of our needs and wants (no matter how left field and abstract!) and created a unique, special and beautiful ceremony incorporating our beliefs and principles of universal energy and love. All who were there will be talking about the day for years to come. We both felt so comfortable in Marilyn's presence and as a result feel as though Marilyn has become more of a friend and not just a celebrant. She is a wonderfully friendly and sincere person that genuinely enjoys her work and interactions with people. We are so fortunate to have found her and would recommend her to anyone initiating a rite of passage or celebration. We look forward to seeing her again and having her included in future ceremonies within our family.  Thanks Marilyn! Much love and light Mary & Brendan x ps - we might need you for a naming day ceremony soon! That will be fun!

Mary & Brendan had an original & spiritually conscious handfasting ceremony at their home on Macleay Island in the Brisbane Bay Islands in the Redlands Region.

Mary & Brendan had an original & spiritually conscious handfasting ceremony at their home on Macleay Island in the Brisbane Bay Islands in the Redlands Region. "Thank you again for everything that you have done for us. I think about our wedding everyday, how complete it was in every sense. It couldn't have been the same without you." Much love and light from Mary & Brendan Veitch.

Marry Me Marilyn married sonja & Alessandro on Wategos Beach in Byron Bay on a glorious Autumn Day

Sonja + Alessandro's Spiritually Conscious Wedding on Wategos Beach Byron Bay a place of very strong spiritual energy & significance for them both.
Marilyn. Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony. I loved how moved you yourself were and how brilliantly you adjusted your voice to the sound of the ocean. Everyone could hear you. You truly made us feel very special. Love Sonja & Sandro xoxox

Marry Me Marilyn Jessica_Michael Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Austinville Gold Coast

Love Letter Jessica + Michael Spiritual Handfasting Wedding Austinville Gold Coast
MARILYN WAS AMAZING BEYOND AWESOME AND UNBEATABLE! Our wedding day was really special and Marilyn was FANTASTIC! From the moment that we started working with her, we felt like we were her only client and that our wedding was the most important thing going on. We really enjoyed co-creating our spiritual wedding ceremony together. No question was too much bother. Everyone said it was a wonderful day and Marilyn's contribution really made our day! We would recommend her to anyone. Thank you dearly Marilyn love Michael & Jessica xoxo

Emily + Freddy opened their wedding ceremony with an Acknowlegement of Country with their friend Brook playing the Digeridoo. 'Before beginning the ceremony, Freddy and Emily would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, of elders and ancestors past and present, on which this event takes place.

Acknowledgement of Country by Jonathan Hill
Today we stand in footsteps millennia old.
May we acknowledge the traditional owners
whose cultures and customs have nurtured,
and continue to nurture, this land,
since men and women
awoke from the great dream.
We honour the presence of these ancestors
who reside in the imagination of this land
and whose irrepressible spirituality
flows through all creation.

Kerryn & Rob's Spiritual Wedding Turmeric Gardens, Palmwoods Sunshine Coast with Marry Me Marilyn

Love Letter Kerryn + Rob Spiritual Wedding Turmeric Gardens, Palmwoods Sunshine Coast
Hello Lovely, married life is very wonderful! Thank you for everything you did for us, the ceremony was joyful and sweet and just beautiful and we are really happy because it seemed to capture us and our philosophies so well. It was SUCH a beautiful relaxing day, everything went smoothly and it was great to be surrounded by such beautiful souls; with love Kerryn & Rob xoxox