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When we have some pattern buried deep within us we must become aware of it to heal the condition.

We can find this awareness when we work towards building a ceremony of separation or divorce. This internal process of discovery allows us to forgive ourselves and others and begin healing. We can then begin to release ourselves from bondage begin our journey of awareness and allows our path to open before us. You find the power within yourself and draw abundance into your life from the universe physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Separation From Work

Sometimes we need to move on in our career or job and find it very difficult. I can perform a separation ceremony for you to allow you to let go of the old and embrace the new and open up space to let new life and growth in.

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A Conscious Separation or Divorce Ceremony can assist you to let go of the past and change direction and
find your new path in life.

You can let go in love and move on releasing old thought patterns and behaviours and start life afresh refocused and re-energised.

Sometimes we have to let the old die to allow space for our new selves to emerge stronger and more vibrant.

When it comes time for a separation or divorce, a ceremony can assist you to become conscious if you are not already conscious. When you become conscious you can break old patterns and behaviours and redefine who you are as an individual. By letting go of the past you make room for the new. By making space you can breathe again and allow the best possible path to emerge and you have the strength and self confidence to follow that path.

I will lead you step by step through the process of building a ceremony to help you achieve liberation from the past, gain strength and rebuild your life yet recognise and celebrate the positives you had in your old life.